Local woman hopes to turn talking to spirits into a business

ALBERT LEA, Minn. – There are many different ways for people to make a living and plenty who do it, in a non-traditional way.

We’re introducing you to a southern Minnesota woman with more than a dozen years of experience and a vision to grow her business.

You could say that Susan Kalis is in a very ‘spirited’ line of work.

“It’s an urge, I feel like I’m sometimes God’s voice.”

Kalis considers herself a psychic medium, and has developed her skills over the years following the traumatic passing of her father.

“I just decided that it’s something I want to do, I need to do it and I live to do it. So, it was time to come out and be brave enough to say, things do exist,” says Kalis.

She prides herself on being able to communicate with spirits, and she does it from her Albert Lea-area home.

She believes she can speak with the dead, and wants to bring their messages to the living.

You can bet her profession comes with its fair share of skeptics. In recent months, Kalis has taken calls from potential clients looking for a reading, and others who just want to warn her about dabbling in the so-called ‘spirit world’.

“Somebody said you need more God in your life. People think I mess with the devil,” she explains.

Unlike a job that’s clearly defined, a psychic-medium is at the mercy of the client, when it comes to accuracy and customer satisfaction.

“Almost everybody who has come, we’ve been able to connect with the spirit that they’re looking for,” Kalis tells us.

In a world filled with all kinds of unique services, Kalis believes her vision, an intriguing one at that, can become reality.

“I  want people to know that spirits are here, and they are with us. They want to be recognized, and I want to help people make that connection.”

Kalis doesn’t currently charge for a reading, usually she receives ‘tips’ from her customers.

She hopes that she will have enough clientele to move into an office space in the near future.

If you’d like to schedule a reading with Susan Kalis, you can reach her at 507-402-5149.

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