Schools work through summer learning loss


VENTURA, Iowa – As kids in the VGH school district head back to school this week, they’ll have to catch up on some of the information they may have lost over the summer.

Students at Ventura-Garner-Hayfield Junior High have been getting used to having homework and switching classes since last week, but much of that time has been spent going over last years material.

School K-8 Principal, Debra Steenhard said many students don’t struggle as much with reading, science, and math content, but with getting back into the habit of focusing for seven hours a day, and not having as much freedom as they’ve had over the past few months.

Steenhard said that during any designated school break, stimulating your brain, even just a little should cut down on learning loss.

“The best thing that you can do, is to keep up with reading, even if you have your children read a little each night, it really does keep your synapses firing in the right way. It helps you when you come back , you don’t have as many cobwebs, and your stamina isn’t as challenged.”

Principal Steenhard also said it’s important for students to get enough sleep, which is important in maintaining their focus.

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