Statewide standardized test scores released


AUSTIN, Minn. – Late last school year, Minnesota elementary and high school students took a standardized test called the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment.

The MCA shows how well students are doing in reading, math and science.

The latest results show that students made little improvement across the state.

We checked in with the Austin School District to see how schools take this data, and apply it to the curriculum.

“We’ll want to take a look at some of those sub-populations and specific grades and see where opportunities are for us to do some improvement. But then we’ll also be looking on the flip end of that too, in terms of are there pockets of success out there that we may want to learn from,” says John Alberts, the Executive Director of Education Services.

In the Austin School District, scores in reading and math dropped slightly. Statewide, math scores remained flat, while reading scores improved slightly.

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