Water system open house


AUSTIN, Minnesota – It’s a facility that’s built to last, and when you’re talking about a community’s drinking water supply, that’s a good thing.

Austin Utilities held an open house to give people an opportunity to check out the new addition.  Simon Hancock is one of many who decided to make a look-see during the open house.

“I’d heard about the big well here, and I was interested in how many gallons it was.”

Hancock’s referring to the reservoir.  It’s been built to avoid cracks, and to hold a critical component; water which makes the city run.

“It’s a lot of water, two million gallons, so that’s a lot compared to other tanks around here,” said Hancock.

Keven Maxa, is the engineer supervisor with the project. You can tell he is proud of the work that went into the well and reservoir.

“It’s a culmination of several years of work. We had several years of prep-time before we started construction.  It’s been a lot of fun for me, and a real sense of achievement doing something that will be here long after I’m gone.”

Maxa says the whole facility is automated and monitored remotely, and even better, he says it’s built to last at least 50 years, and to work, even if the power goes out city-wide.

“We really care about doing a good job, and that we’re making sure they have a safe supply of water, and we do one that’s environmental friendly,” said Maxa.

The decision to install the ground reservoir instead of an elevated tower was based on cost, design, and maintenance.

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