Back to school parent involvement


KIMT News 3 – A recent survey shows that only 1 in 3 parents of school age children ages eight and younger read aloud to them each night.

That’s according to the Reading is Fundamental Organization.

Many schools in our area are now in session. This means it’s time for parents and guardians to keep track of schoolwork too. At least, that’s what local educators are hoping for.

Ventura-Garner-Hayfield Elementary school teacher, Michele Penning said she’s encouraging parents to play a more active role in their students learning, whether it’s making time to read a short book every night, to helping with a school project.

She said not only are you helping them succeed, but spending that one-on-one time together is a great bonding experience.

“A lot of times, that’s missing in our lives because we’re so busy with so many meetings and so many activities to got to. If you always make time for your child, then they’ll know that education is important, and know that’s something they need to focus on and try really hard in.”

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