Man arrested on charges of threats against local school children


CHARLES CITY, Iowa – 48 year old Loren Saxon was arrested August 24th for making terroristic threats toward school children in our area.

One local parent says she’s still in shock over the news.

“I got a little scared actually.  Living here, I never thought anything like that could happen of course,” said Mary Viers, who’s child goes to Charles City Middle School.

Charles City School District Superintendent, Dr. Dan Cox feels the same way.

“My reaction was that I couldn’t believe it would happen here in a small town like Charles City. I’m very frustrated that somebody would make comments like that.”

The doors at every school building were locked Wednesday. To get inside the buildings, people had to stand in front of the cameras placed outside the doors. After they verified who was needing inside, an office staffer would then let them in.

Cox says once he heard word of the incident, nearly four days later, he immediately talked to Charles City Police.  A meeting was held with teaching staff to inform them of the news.  The Charles City Superintendent stresses that the suspect was intoxicated when he made the statements, and that he’s not getting out of jail anytime soon.

“Our students are safe. We want them in a safe and supportive learning environment.   Our teachers are safe. We certainly understand the concern that parents have, and we’re taking this very seriously,” said Dr. Cox.

Parents like Viers are happy to hear the threat was taken so seriously.

“Because you never know, you absolutely never know if someone is really going to go along with that threat, or if they’re just pretending,” said Viers.

Saxon was also arrested for public intoxication on August 24th.

In December of 2010, Saxon was convicted of making terroristic threats in Fillmore County.

Michael Morlan with the Floyd County Emergency Management was also contacted about the threat.  His job is to decide if the threat is credible. Then, if needed, he’ll contact the state to get involved.

He did not contact them in this instance, but he says even small towns have to be ready for anything.

“First, it’s obviously concerning because, it could effect our citizens, and it’s importance to us to make sure our citizens are safe,” said Morlan.

Morlan says in a credible terroristic threat, law enforcement would contact federal agencies.

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