No more Marshalls


MASON CITY, Iowa – A local wish list item was coming to a reality, only to be shut down. Mason City had an agreement with the department store, Marshalls. As the building was going up in Willow Creek Crossing, a competitor store put an end to it.

“I’ve heard a lot of people that are disappointed,” says local shopper, Garianne Fuller.

She is one of many who were let down when finding out that Marshalls will no longer be coming to north Iowa.

“I’m kind of bummed, because I’ve shopped at them before in Arizona, where my kids live, and they have some nice stuff,” says Fuller.

She says they offered a lot more than just clothing, which could be why neighbor store, Kohls, put a stop to it. Construction was in full swing when officials learned about potential legal issues.

“Later we found out that it was because of a document that controls the uses of the center. Kohl’s had veto power over Marshals. We are disappointed that they’re not coming,” says Director of Development Services, Steven VanSteenhauyse.

He says it would have been a great addition, both for the city’s economy and local shoppers.

“We were very excited about Marshals, because it’s that kind of store that would bring in a lot of people from outside of the city, and provide opportunities to our citizens,” says VanSteenhauyse.

“I’m just disappointed that it’s not coming in, and I know a lot of people are,” says Fuller.

VanSteenhauyse has seen Kohls and Marshalls in the same shopping center before, so he’s not exactly sure why it wouldn’t work in north Iowa.

“Why they decided they did not want to have a Marshalls in the same center here, I do not know,” says VanSteenhauyse.

Marshalls would have the option to locate elsewhere in town. We reached out to Kohls to find out exactly why, but received no call back. The building structure is complete. The city needs someone interested to make a bid. As of now, there is no interest.

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