29 sex trafficking arrests in Rochester

rochester happy

ROCHESTER, Minn. – The Rochester Police Department is releasing the details of their summer-long fight against sex trafficking in city limits.

The Street Crimes Unit conducted five operations targeting sex trafficking in Rochester. As a result of those operations, 29 people were arrested. They include eleven arrests for hiring girls between the ages of 15-17 for prostitution, eight arrests for offering adults for prostitution, four arrests for promoting and profiting from sex trafficking and six for engaging in prostitution.

The Street Crimes Unit made the arrests using under cover officers who were responding to, and creating ads on backpage.com.

The SCU also assisted in two federal sex trafficking cases this summer. There are now two individuals facing federal prostitution charges, because of those investigations.

Since 2010, the Rochester Police Department has arrested 113 people in connection to sex trafficking. “I think people that are seeking these types of services can be assured that we will continue to do these types of operations,” Lt. Mike Sadauskis with the Rochester Police Department said.

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