Fun with Frederick & Fleming – Watermelon Slicing with Rubber Bands

Fun with Frederick and Fleming - Watermelon Slicing with Rubber Bands

Today’s Fun with Frederick and Fleming was inspired by a viral video on the Internet. It involves cutting a watermelon in half using rubber bands. But, as we always try to do besides have fun, is to learn something. The lesson today is cumulative force. A single rubber band doesn’t really have a whole lot of force ,but when you put many rubber bands together, their force is added up to a very strong force.

Since this is a messy experiment with flying watermelon, I wouldn’t recommend trying this one at home.

Over a period of 45 minutes, we put about 1 pound, or a few hundred rubber bands on a watermelon. We could hear it creaking and groaning with a very obvious bend in the watermelon shell.

After we put all the rubber bands from the bag on the watermelon, Amy decided to stand up to take a stretch. While Adam was sitting there, suddenly he heard a creaking and groaning and the watermelon exploded coating Adam in watermelon while Amy remained dry.

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