UPDATE: St. Ansgar voters approve $14 million project



ST. ANSGAR, Iowa – Voters in St. Ansgar are saying yes to a $14 million dollar improvement project.  On Tuesday night, 67% of voters gave their ok to the idea of building a new elementary school, high school gym and football field.

ST.ANSGAR, Iowa – A local school district is hoping voters approve a 14-million dollar improvement project.

The final public meeting on the plan was held in St. Ansgar Thursday evening.

There was a large number of people heading into the library to hear how the project would affect their property taxes if the district builds a new elementary school, plus a high school gym and football field.

They learned for an $82,000 home, the tax increase would be around $70 a year.

“I think they want to be informed. They want to know where we’re spending their money, how we’re spending it, and if we’re being financially responsible with it,” said Tara Bork, a member of the Board of Education.

A special election will be held on Tuesday September 9th where a sixty percent majority will be needed to pass the bond issue.

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