Local house to be torn down

MASON CITY, Iowa – Volunteers went out in the rain on Thursday to help a local man clear his cluttered home before it gets demolished. The Mason City, city council condemned the home on 6th street N.W. last week during their council meeting.

“Today we are cleaning out the house,” says property owner, Phillip Flinchum.

After being given several chances to clean his property up, Flinchum learned last week that his house is going to be demolished.

“The city Council voted to have the place tore down.  I’ve owned this place for 40 years,” says Flinchum.

He says he hasn’t lived in it for some time, rather he has been filling it to the brim with his belongings.

“We’re just going through throwing almost everything away today,” says Flinchum.

Due to neighbor complaints of foul smells and poor upkeep, city council members voted five to one to condemn the house.

“Their moving quickly to demolish it, and that makes me very sad,” says Flinchum.

Although the city has come to their final decision, Flinchum is still holding out hope. Rather than see it fall to the ground, he would like to see the old home restored.

“I’d like to get it turned around to where it would be a nice home here,” says Flinchum.

However, to do that, the city administrator says he would have to go through a legal process. That isn’t looking like it will happen so, for now, Flinchum says he will look at other options.

“I’ll just move on. When one door closes another one opens,” says Flinchum.

City administrators say the next step is to look at bids and approve a contract as to which company will complete the demolition.

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