Back to school bullying prevention


VENTURA, Iowa – The beginning of school is exciting for a lot of students, but it’s important to make sure kids start the year  feeling accepted and comfortable with their environment.

Clear Lake Schools Family Services Coordinator, Sally Duesenberg said one of the most positive influences on their student’s behavior is the idea of Lion Pride.

That means doing your best, doing what’s right, and treating others nicely.

It’s just one of the policies in place to help students feel positively about themselves, so they will in turn treat their peers with respect.

The school also encourages students to find an adult they trust in school, whether it’s a teacher, or even a custodian who they can share their problems with.
Duesenberg said that by creating these healthy relationships and behaviors now, kids will be better prepared to handle some more challenging situations.

“By the time they are reaching middle school and high school, they’ll have had years of experience coping with different situations, and they’ve learned some positive skills and  they had to deal with those appropriately, rather than reacting in a hurtful way towards others.”

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