Crop dusting incident one year later


KIMT News 3 – It’s been exactly one year since a crop duster in our area allegedly sprayed insecticides on a school bus. We are now learning the investigation has concluded.

The Hancock County Sheriff’s office tell us they have reason to believe that any insecticides sprayed, did not contaminate the school bus.
School administrators say they didn’t know if any contact was made with the insecticide, Cobalt.

However, they still took all precautions by sending students to a nearby hospital.

We spoke to the Belmond-Klemme Community School’s Superintendent, Kirk Nelson who says he has not heard of any students with medical issues since that day.

The school’s insurance company covered medical costs for follow-up visits.

According to police reports, nearly 14 different agencies helped to investigate the case.

Today, superintendent Nelson says they have adjusted emergency protocol to help find parents much sooner.

He says they will also instruct bus drivers to immediately stop in any emergency and wait for emergency crews.

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