Fitness Friday: Weight plate workout


KIMT News 3 – Grab a weight plate that weights about 10 pounds, but feel free to adjust that number as needed.

This workout is made up of 8 full-body exercises. Perform each one for one minute straight, rest for 10 seconds, then move onto the next.

First up is the “Squat 2.0”

Grab the plate, stand with feet hip-width apart and squat down, but as you reach the bottom, extend your arms straight out, bring back to your chest then stand up.

Put the weight on the ground and stand on top of it with heels hanging off the end. Rise onto the balls of your feet, then lower back down.

Next, drop down into a plank position with the plate under your chest. With your right hand, pull the weight slowly to the right side, then grab it with your left hand and pull it back the other direction.

Turnover, sitting with knees bent, palms on the floor. Place one heel on the center of the plate and push forward till your leg is straight, then pull it back. Do for 30 seconds on one leg, then switch to your other leg.

Back on your feet for this next exercise, called the “Halo Effect.” Stand with the plate overhead, arms straight. Bend elbows and rotate plate around your head in a circle. Don’t forget to switch directions halfway through.

This next one is a challenge! Get into a side-plank position, plate in front of you. With your free hand, pull it under your body, then flip over to the other side maintaining the side-plank.

This wouldn’t be a proper workout without some ab time. Perform a sit-up with the plate on your chest, but when you reach the top, extend your arms out, then bring them in as you lay back.

Finally, come back to stand for some rows! Hold onto the middle slots of the plate and hinge forward slightly at your hips. Then hold the plate straight out in front of you, now pull into your chest keeping elbows close to your sides.

Do this circuit one more time and you’re done!

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