Parent starts petition opposing proposed school calendar

School Schedule

ALBERT LEA, Minn. – Some local parents are upset over proposed changes to a local school district’s calendar.

The Albert Lea School District is considering a 45/15 calendar. Students would attend school for 45 days before getting 15 days, or three weeks, off.

Some parents say daycare is one of many problems that would exist with the changes.

Stay-at-home mom Jennifer Hanson said she is voicing the concerns of other parents in the community. She said the district is using statistics for year-round schooling to support their proposal when they are not the same thing.

“We were going to meetings, we were sending emails, we were sending letters, things that normal parents would do if they had an issue with something that was being changed,” Hanson said.

Now she has a petition going online that she plans to present to the school board soon.

“I don’t think that our voices were being heard when we were stating the issues we had with the proposed calendar. I know they’ve changes it a few times, but a lot of the same issues are still there,” Hanson said.

She wants to reach 200 signatures before the school board places the vote.

We could not reach the school district’s superintendent for comment.

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