Local apples just about ready for picking


ST.ANSGAR, Iowa – It may still technically be summer, but fall will be here before you know it. That means it’s gearing up to be a busy time for area apple orchards.

We checked in with Bel-Aire Estates in St. Ansgar. They say this years apple crop is one of the best they’ve seen.

They say most of their apples will be ready for harvest next week, but they’ve already been able to pick some varieties.

Orchard owners say the weather this spring and summer has been ideal for growing apples.

“We’ve had really great growing conditions for apples. Really, the key to that whole process is early in the spring when they’re blooming to have some good weather and not tons of wind or rain, and we really had a perfect window there for about a week,” explains co-owner, Joe Beland.

He said the majority of the apples should be ready to go for the orchard’s annual Apple Festival, which will be held on September 21st.

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