Relief at the pumps comes at the perfect time

A relief in gas prices

KIMT News 3 – Prices are down at the pumps, and just in time for the holiday weekend.

Nationwide, gas prices are down. In fact, they are at their lowest levels since 2010. Across the country, regular gas is averaging at $3.41 per gallon, and locally that number is even lower.

In Albert Lea, gas prices have been steady at around $3.30 per gallon. Even though these prices are surprisingly low for this time of year, the costs can still add up over this type of  weekend. Many people use long weekends to travel to their lake homes or cabins. Typically this could include using additional vehicles that need their tanks filled as well.

John Lassaux of Minneapolis, made the drive to Clear Lake to visit family. He tells us that while the process of taking extra vehicles is costly it’s definitely a relief to see the lower prices as things can add up fairly quickly.

“It’s an expensive hobby,” he says, “whether it’s a boat or a jet ski, if you have to haul it, it definitely adds to the price tag.”

Gas prices are lower than they were during the Labor Day weekend last year, and analysts say they could fall even further heading into the fall.

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