A farewell to a well-loved family business

Stop-N-Shop closes up shop

ROCKWELL, Iowa – A small town family business is closing its doors.

The Stop-N-Shop gas station and convenience store has been serving the Rockwell community for decades, so it’s no surprise that many residents in the area are sad to see it go. The Rurup family has been the owner of the establishment for the last seven years, but say they are ready to retire from the business, and surrender to the tough economic times and high gas prices.

Sunday was an emotional day for co-owner Peggy Rurup. Friends, family and even complete strangers made their way through the store for the last time, and even though Rurup says, it’s heartbreaking to see, she believes it’s time for a change. “It has been a great seven years,” she says, “but it’s time that we moved on.”

Since this one-stop-shop is perfect for picking up everything from flour to fuel, long-time customer Lynette Woodward says she’ll be sad to see things close up. Woodward was stopping in to fill up a gas tank for her elderly mother, something she does on a weekly basis, but now this task is something she is starting to worry about.

“My mother doesn’t drive a lot and this is her only place to get gas,” Woodward explains, and the options are limited. Heading north from Rockwell, the nearest station is a Kum and Go, about ten miles away on Hwy 65. Otherwise, motorists, like Woodward’s mother, could travel south seven miles and fill up at a Casey’s in Sheffield. Either way, it’s a burden.

Regardless of where Rockwell residents go to fill up on food and fuel, Woodward says nothing will compare to the ease of just around the corner. There is still a little time to get last minute essentials from the Stop-N-Shop. Rurup tells us they plan to stay open until they run out of fuel, and then, it’ll be the end of an era.

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