Britt Draft Horse Show contestants return to north Iowa

Britt Draft Horse Show horses

BRITT, Iowa – The Britt Draft Horse Show is back and bigger than ever, and is a Labor Day weekend tradition that has stood against the test of time.

Belgian, Percheron and Clydesdale horses took over the Hancock County Fairgrounds over the weekend and for three days,  put on quite a show. Members of the Britt Draft Horse Association say events like this are few and far between and that getting a chance to see these horses up close and personal, is an experience to remember.

“There isn’t a lot of Clyde’s or Shires out there showing,” says association president Randy Hiscocks. He believes that seeing these horses is an opportunity of a lifetime and that shows like this are a perfect outlet for educating people about the importance of horses before technology and power vehicles.

This year was the 33rd anniversary of the horse show and members of the Britt Draft Horse Association tell us they plan to do it again next year.

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