Gas prices lower than last year

Gas Prices

ALBERT LEA, Minn. – AAA estimates about 35 million Americans traveled more than 50 miles this Labor Day weekend.

Those traveling through Minnesota saw lower gas prices than this time last year.

“It’s definitely a good thing. The lower they get, the better it is for pretty much everyone. I’ve noticed that they have come down a little bit. I think last year it was $3.50 or so,” said Travis Homewood of North Liberty, IA. shows Minnesota’s statewide average at just over $3.60 per gallon over Labor Day weekend 2013. This year, it is averaging $3.33 in Minnesota.

AAA said this weekend had the most travelers on the road since before the recession.

“There’s been a lot of traffic. I know the last few years that we’ve come up to visit the in-laws, Owatonna’s always had that long stretch of construction. Hopefully next year will be the year to get right through there,” Homewood said.

Those who are on their way back into the state say it is nice to come back to lower prices.

“As I went through Minnesota on Friday, I noticed it was down a little bit. I filled up again for the first time in Nebraska. That was actually cheaper than Minnesota. Then I got into Colorado and it was fairly high,” said John Alt of North Oaks, MN.

While travelers say it is great to see cheaper gas this year, if they want to get home they are going to have to pay no matter what it costs.

“It just keeps you guessing. You fill up a week ahead of time, or you try to guess and do the best you can, but I think they got a lot of us this weekend,” Alt said.

GasBuddy said, pending any unforeseen circumstances in the oil industry, prices should continue to drop this fall. They say it could get below $3 a gallon.

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