Traveling over Labor Day


KIMT News 3 – It seems that Labor Day has earned the reputation as the last great weekend before summer ends and the cold weather starts to move in.

Many families took the weekend as an opportunity to escape from their work place and head to the lake or go camping.

Zack Huey of Clear Lake Boats said they have been busy all summer long, and Labor Day is a great way for their boat rental company to end the season.

“Saturday was quite busy. We had all the out-of-towners coming in, and we had every boat out in the water,” says Huey.

Huey also explained that with summer nearing its end, it is time to get the boats serviced and put away for the winter.

Not only was boat rental up, but the crowd at the Lady of the Lake in Clear Lake also had a great time.

Rodger Nordman, the owner of the Lady of the Lake says the weather was not ideal for the vessel to actually leave the dock, but they have been packed all weekend long.

“For a lot of people, this is the last hoorah for the summer,” says Nordman. “So I think they want to get out and make the most of it that they can.”

Camping also attracts many people during the Labor Day weekend, and according to Paula Heyes of Three Fingers Campground, they hosted around 400 campers. Heyes has been the owner of the grounds for the past four years and says this is not out of the ordinary to see this many campers on Labor Day weekend. She says her camp grounds has many events that make it popular for campers.

We have a big volleyball tournament, which draws in additional people for the event. We have a food truck for that event, and we had some bag toss tournaments, and washer tournaments,” says Heyes. “There are a lot of fun outdoor activities.”

Heyes says that camping is just a great way to escape with the family, and it doesn’t have to be a holiday in order to do so.

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