Tree falls on car


MASON CITY, Iowa – Residents in a Mason City neighborhood’s Labor Day holiday started off with a bang, but probably not the kind they had hoped for.

Sunday night just before 9:00, Mason City Police responded to a call that a tree had fallen on top of a car.

It happened on the corner of 6th St. SE and S. Connecticut Ave.

Officers believe it was caused by the strong winds and rain that came through the area.

The Mason City Public Works Department wasn’t able to fully clear the scene until Monday morning.
The tree knocked down some power lines, but no significant outages have been reported.

One neighbor described what happened.

Joe Malone said ” We were watching TV, and all of a sudden heard a couple of really loud bangs, and just about that time the power goes out, TV’s out, everything is out.  I went outside to figure out if transformers were going down, because we had high winds, and we had the storm warnings and all that stuff. That’s when I saw the tree…down!”

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