Public voices opinion on future of historic elementary school


MASON CITY, Iowa – Mason City school officials held a special community meeting on Tuesday. Citizens came out to talk about the future of the Madison Elementary School building. Right now, it is sitting empty, however, according to school officials, the building is costing the district $35,000 a year for upkeep on the property.

Superintendent, Anita Micich tells us the board has several options. They could sell it, demolish the building, or sell the lot after demolition. When it came to what the public thought though, residents made one thing clear. They want to keep the play space for the neighborhood children.

“We know that the neighbors really appreciate the green space. So, how do we maintain that green space? Is that even possible to do if you sell it to someone else? Can we promise that into the future?  I don’t know. However, we will certainly do our best to support the neighborhood and the area. I know the board will make the very best decision they can,” says Micich.

Community members also say they would not want the building to become an apartment complex or low income housing. Some of their suggestions included church or office spaces.


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