Traffic Signal Hacks


A study by students at the University of Michigan show that hacking into traffic signal networks is pretty simple to do. The group of students are able to change the color of the lights, or even the timing of the lights creating a new danger for people on the roads.

North Iowa has many different traffic light networks according to Mark Rahm, a Mason City Engineer. He says that the Mason City downtown network is a little out dated, but that people hacking into the cities network is unlikely.

“Essentially, it would take someone hardwiring into our cabinet, and having the propriety software from the companies,” Rahm says. “So, it would take quite a bit for someone to get in and do any messing around with our operation of our signals.”

Rahm says that they are looking into a plan that will update the downtown networks and wire them all together, but he is still confident that hackers will not be able to get into the city’s traffic signal systems.

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