Austin Police are searching for three armed robbers



AUSTIN, Minn. – It’s a situation business owners never want to see happen, and neither do workers. However, on Tuesday night in Austin, it did. Three employees at a local convenience store were robbed.

It all happened at Hari Food Mart on Tuesday night. Officials say the three criminals are still on the loose.

At the time of the robbery, they were wearing hoodies tied tight, sunglasses, and gloves. Therefore, authorities cannot confirm their race. One was armed with a handgun. Two of the three employees were struck in the knee with a baseball bat and held in the bathroom. The third employee was hit in the mouth and forced to open the cash register. One store manager says they ran off with about $1,500.

The Austin Police Chief says it could have been worse if the employees did not cooperate.

“The key is, all three of them did not need medical attention. The important part is that they did cooperate. We don’t want people to try to play hero or try to do something that ends up getting them hurt really bad or worse,” says Chief Brian Krueger.

He says the perpetrators headed south out of the building. Their K-9 unit followed the scent, but only for a block. They have no suspects at this time. Authorities are asking anyone with information to anonymously contact the Austin police department.

Chief Krueger adds that they are actively investigating this incident and looking for connections with Monday’s robbery in Albert Lea. Just after 11:00 p.m. two males wearing dark clothing entered the Holiday Inn. They displayed their handgun to employees and left the business with an undisclosed amount of money. Anyone with information on this robbery is asked to contact the Albert Lea police department.


AUSTIN, Minn. – The Austin Police Department is asking for help in the search for three suspects that robbed a convenience store Tuesday night.

Authorities say three suspects dressed in dark clothing entered a Hari Food Mart on 21st St. NE just off Interstate 90 around 10:30 p.m.

Officials say three employees were on duty at the time of the incident. According to Austin Police Chief Brian Krueger, two of the employees at the store were struck in the knee with a baseball bat and locked into a bathroom, while the third employee suffered a punch to the mouth.

Police say the suspects got away with an undisclosed amount of money.

Chief Krueger says K-9 units were also dispatched, but lost the trace of the suspects a short distance away from the convenience store.

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