Governor Branstad tours Metalcraft


MASON CITY, Iowa – It’s a big day for Metalcraft, as they showed off their work to the state’s top leaders.

“We’ve got a lot of interesting capabilities in production, and to show them that we can do that right here in Mason City, is wonderful,” said Julia Deets, Vice President of Sales for Metalcraft.

Governor Terry Branstad is taking notice. He says he can see how technology is really influencing this industry, and how Metalcraft is embracing it.

“It’s pretty obvious that there is a need for computer skills, but it’s a very good environment, and also employees have a stake in their work, and gain when the company does well, they make money,” said Governor Branstad.

Metalcraft makes several types of nameplates, bar-codes and tags.These components allow companies to account for their equipment.  Governor Branstad and Lieutenant Governor, Kim Reynolds are seeing those I.D. plates being made first hand, and are talking to employees about their work experience.  It’s an industry that the leaders at Metalcraft are happy to talk about with their visitors.

“We are pleased to show them all the new opportunities that we have with the equipment we are using with our RFD I.D., the new products, the new applications and the new markets,” said Deets.

Governor Branstad says his main goal is to keep businesses like Metalcraft running, by hiring local employees, and keeping property taxes low for businesses.

“This accomplished by our success in economic development, the unemployment tax rate is going down too, which again means reduces the overhead cost, more money to pay salaries and to improve the profitability of a company like Metalcraft,” said the Governor.

He also addressed the skilled workers shortage.  He says they are aware of the issue, and are hoping folks will take advantage of programs like Skilled Iowa, Homebase Iowa, and the STEM program.

Governor Branstad is currently up for re-election.  He’s running against Iowa State Senator, Jack Hatch.

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