New mosquito virus infects Iowa man



A new report from the Iowa Department of Health shows the Chikungunya, a virus spread by mosquitoes, has infected a central Iowa man.

The disease comes mostly from tropical areas outside of the United States.

It cannot infect people in the area according to the Cerro Gordo County Environmental Health Manager, Brian Hanft. He says that we should be more worried about the West Nile virus season that is rapidly approaching as the summer starts to come to an end.

“We can all do our own part to control the mosquito population by making sure to dump anything that could be holding water,” he says. “Even if it is the size of a water cap.” ”If you have a bird bath you should change the water at least every three to four days.”

Chikengunya is not a deadly disease, and people who have been infected should be looking for joint pain, headaches, muscle pain, joint swelling or rash.

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