Protecting your iCloud privacy


KIMT News 3 – Over the weekend, nude photos targeting more than 100 celebrities were shared online. The images were allegedly obtained by a person or persons breaking into iCloud accounts, raising security and privacy concerns.

When you take a photo or video on your phone, you’d like to think it’s safe being stored on it, on your computer, or even on a storage server, but you may want to be more cautious.

Many of us use storage networks like iCloud, Google, or Dropbox. These are services that let users store their contacts, e-mails, photo’s and other personal information onto an external system that can be accessed online.

Best Buy Geek Squad Supervisor, Jason Bultje said when you think of the word “cloud,” you should just replace it with the word “internet” because you are accessing your information on the internet from another location.

When put that way, it sounds a little scary, but Jason said these systems are very secure.
If you are worried about your privacy, there are other ways to store your information.

Bultje said, “You can use something like MyCloud to create your own cloud service. It’s only accessible by you, there’s no third-party running it, it’s yours only. The only way it could not be safe, is if someone hacked your network. If you’re an everyday person, no one is going to go out of their way to hack the network of someone, who to them, just does not matter.”

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