Too hot for school


SHEFFIELD, Iowa – You can’t deny it. It was quite hot in our area for the past couple of days, and that led to some early school dismissals to give the kids a break from the heat.

West Fork schools just couldn’t beat-the-heat, they decided to dismiss early.  The superintendent is the person who makes that decision.  The fact that none of the school buildings have air conditioning plays a big role.  High School Principal Randy Bushbaum of West Fork, says by just glancing into classrooms, you could see that students were getting too worn down from the temperatures.

“I walked around and looked at the kindergarten and the little kids in our elementary.  That building is much hotter than the high school, and there were a lot of droopy kids,” said Bushbaum.

There were at least six schools in our area that dismissed early due to the heat.  According to our Storm Team 3 meteorologists, normal temperatures usually around this time of the year are in the mid to upper 70’s.

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