Golden Apple: Allison Klaassen

LAKE MILLS, Iowa – Congratulations to Mrs. Allison Klaassen, this weeks Golden Apple award winner!

Her students describe her as a fun teacher, and after spending a few minutes in Allison Klaassen’s 2nd grade classroom, you’ll know it’s true. “That organized chaos,” Klaassen said. “it;s a good blend, where they do have that body movement, trying to keep it fresh and keep that variety.”

Klaassen has been teaching for 12 years and says her students never fail to surprise her. “I am always amazed at how willing they are to work hard, to keep improving, to take feedback, so that is a delight for me.”

Aiden Stensrud, one of Klaassen’s students, says he likes how she plays games with them in and out of the classroom. “I’ve never seen a teacher play basketball before,” Stensrud said.

For Klaassen, it’s part of making positive impressions. “It is a great way to connect with students and to reach those who struggle sometimes, or who are a little hesitant in the classroom, so that they can see a different side of you as well.”

And she said it’s those moments that keep her motivated. “You get that clean slate every day and you can come back and improve upon those things you want to build within yourself and your students.”

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