Reporter witnesses robbery suspect during live shot

Adam Sallet live in Rochester, Dec. 15, 2015
Adam Sallet live in Rochester, Dec. 15, 2015

ROCHESTER, Minn. – A bank robbery suspect is behind bars tonight thanks in part to the quick thinking of KIMT News 3 Reporter, Adam Sallet.

Adam was giving a live report from Sterling State Bank on Tuesday Midday about an update to the bank robbery we reported on Monday. Little did Adam know, during that live shot, the same suspect police had been looking for was inside that very bank robbing it again. What happened next played out on live TV.

Adam begins his report when an employee of the bank is seen running up behind him. That employee alerted Adam, live on air, that the man who just robbed them was fleeing the scene. Adam quickly tossed it back to Midday Anchor Tyler Mickelson to aid the employee.

“Once I left that screen, my first instinct was to see if I could see the suspect anywhere else and also call 911 as fast as possible,” explains Adam after the incident.

Rochester Police arrived on scene and took statements as well as viewed the video that was captured live on KIMT News 3.

About an hour later, an officer spotted the suspect vehicle on I-35 near Farmington, MN. The suspect, Ryan Liskow, 36 was brought into custody. Investigators tell us they’re confidant he is responsible for both robberies.

“Similar build, similar clothing, same method,” explains Lt. Mike Sadauskis with RPD. “He provided a note similar to yesterdays note asking for money. We had corroborating information over the last 24 hours and we believed who it was and it is in fact that person.”

Lt. Sadauskis says the extra witnesses Tuesday gave important information that helped solve this crime.

“It was somewhat coincidental, somewhat purposeful because he was here getting the story for yesterday but, very unusual,” adds Lt. Sadauskis. “We’ve talked to Adam and he’s provided us with some good information.”

The incident has also gained incredible traction on social media:



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