Local New Year’s resolutions


MASON CITY, Iowa – The first of day of the New Year can bring many things.

A day you may be filling yourself with not so good food to cure that hangover or the day you kick off that healthy New Year’s diet.  For Sarah Barnett, her resolution this year isn’t all about food.

“Just to be a better parent to my kids and lose some weight.  Basically just get bills paid and live life,” Barnett said.

Barnett says having a resolution is good for her because it pushes her to be a better person.

“I feel that I can’t if I’m a better mom then I can pretty much raise my son better,” Barnett said.

While others couldn’t help but tell me, they didn’t pick any resolutions because well they just don’t stick.  According to the University of Scranton, the top five resolutions picked for this year include losing weight, getting organized, spending less, and staying fit and healthy.

Dietitians like Stephanie Wharton at Hy-Vee East are here to help with that.

“If you set simple goals and being very specific instead of just saying I’m going to eat more fruits and vegetables, maybe something like I’m going to try a new vegetable every week in January,” Wharton said.

Data shows nearly 45 percent of people do have a New Year’s resolution.  While only eight percent are successful.

“If it’s an exercise goal not just I want to exercise more. I want to exercise 30 minutes on Monday, Wednesday, Friday,” Wharton said.

The ultimate goal right now would be to stay optimistic.

Experts say at least 75 percent of people keep their resolutions through the first week.  Nearly 40 percent last at least six months.

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