Bernie Sanders and Susan Sarandon stop in Mason City


MASON CITY, Iowa — Next Tuesday morning, the Iowa Caucus will officially be over and Iowa residents may have to wait a while to see candidates back in the state, but the week before the caucuses have several candidates in north Iowa.

On Wednesday night, an emotional actress Susan Sarandon took the stage at Music Man Square in Mason City to introduce friend and current Democratic presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders. Sarandon pointed out immediately why she believes Sanders is the right choice for the White House.

“This may be the only man that can come up through the system, through the pipelines unscathed, unsold and pure and we now have the opportunity to make that man our choice for the president of the United States,” Sarandon told the large crowd.

The topic of the night for Sanders: money, money, money. Most of the conversation centered on Wall Street and how he would change issues like health care, student debt and minimum wage for the better. He also made a point to note how he’s unaffiliated with super PACs, something none of the other candidates can claim.

“We do not represent Wall Street, we don’t represent corporate America, we don’t want their money,” Sanders said.

Sanders took jabs at fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton and one specific Republican, Donald Trump, upset with some of Trump’s comments about Muslims, Mexicans and others.

“One would have thought by the year 2016 we would have gotten beyond that type of xenophobia and racism,” Sanders said.

Sanders says he knows it won’t be an easy road to the White House, or if he makes it into office.

“You don’t take on Wall Street and think it’s an easy road, you don’t take on corporate America and all their greed and think you’re going to do that overnight,” Sanders said.

But Sanders says he’s the man to take them on.

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