Dream Big, Grow Here


KIMT News 3 — In any town, you’re bound to find one or five locally-owned businesses.  Angie Huffam from Osage owns one.

“So this can be one place you can go and search churches that are near me and everyone will have their own page. Then you can easily from your home understand what it is they’re about,” Huffman said, showing her marketing website “Get Well, God Bless.”

As a beginning business owner, she looks for ways to keep this thriving. She’s turning to a contest to fuel that.

“I’m learning I’m not perfect, but I know the only way to get better is to start where you’re at,” Huffman said with a smile.

She’s not alone. Art on the Plaza and Roller City in Mason City are both eyeing the prize as well.  The University of Northern Iowa sponsors the contest, featuring six categories including retail/restaurant, manufacturing, and agriculture innovation.  The winners will be those who show they can appeal to the social media world.

“It was a lot of fun because we put our video together very quickly and it was amazing.  A little stressful wondering whether or not the words would be right,” said Pam Coffee, organizer of Art on the Plaza.

They post videos like on the Dream Big, Grow Here website.  Some do just one, others are making one daily. Hoping they roll their way to the finish line; winning $5,000.

At Roller City in Mason City, owners are showing they deserve the award because of all the improvements they’ve made.

“We’ve done a lot of renovations in terms of skate floor, bathrooms.  We feel the next step is technology putting in projectors, flat screens to show music videos from the ’80s,” Anderson said.

Winning the contest would be one way to show they’ve been on the right “track.”

Friday is the last day of voting. To find out more about these businesses, visit this website.

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