At-Large Candidate: Andy O’Brien


MASON CITY, Iowa – Andy O’Brien was our next candidate to be asked three questions in three minutes.

O’Brien stresses he’s a family man, then an entrepreneur.  He says developments in Mason City need to include growing businesses and healing the community.  O’Brien feels he can keep Mason City’s vision for the future alive, a 10-year vision residents developed back nearly six years ago.

“The vision of 2010 was brought together by thousands of residents.  It wasn’t brought together by the six council members, but it was driven forward by the council.  I believe my background has everything to do to help navigate through those issues for the vision statement,” O’Brien said.

That vision included improving the economic status for individuals, advancing human well-being and improving the look of the community.

The special election is scheduled for Sept. 20.

At-large candidates include:

Andy O’Brien

Max Weaver

Paul Adams

Jacob Krueger

John Carden

Joshua Masson

Jeff Christie

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