2-county natural gas pipeline project gains support


MITCHELL & WORTH CO., Iowa – A $16 million high-pressure natural gas pipeline extension from Joice to St. Ansgar is in the works between Mitchell and Worth counties.

According to the Mitchell County Board of Supervisors, the current line in Joice is owned by a company in the Black Hills and will expand to St. Ansgar.

Mitchell County Board of Supervisors Chair Stan Walk says the line will mostly follow 400th St., forcing them to burrow under Interstate 35 and at least two rail systems.

At a recent meeting, he says several area economic developers have shared their support for the project.

“Riceville, Stacyville, Saint Ansgar and Osage economic development Corps, plus Heartland Power each presented a letter of support,” Walk says. “Quite often we are losing out on projects right now because we do not have adequate supply of excessive natural gas, but once we complete this project then it’s going to give us a lot of opportunities to maintain our youth here to give good employment.”

According to Mitchell County Supervisor Shannon Paulus, the extension to St. Ansgar is phase one of the project and is estimated to be complete in the next five years. Once that portion of the project is finished, they will look to expand the pipeline even farther east in the county.

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