League of Women Voters of Rochester busy planning several candidate forums


ROCHESTER, Minn. – Beginning next month, the League of Women Voters of Rochester will be hosting five nights of forums with candidates running for local seats, including school board, city council, county commissioner, and state legislators.

The LWV of Rochester, which does include both male and female members, have been holding candidate forums ahead of elections since the non-partisan organization was formed in 1921.

“We want people to get unbiased information and have that information broadly disseminated but we also do voter registration drives, we believe everyone should vote,” explains LWV of Rochester President Jane Callahan.

All of the forms will be held at the Rochester Public Library and will be free and open to the public. Below is the list of upcoming forums.

Monday Oct. 17th – School Board

5:30 Seat 1Barlow vs Hinds

6:30 Seat 2Gallas vs Seelinger

7:30 Seat 3Ragab vs Schleusner


Thursday Oct. 20th – County Commissioners

6:30 District 3 – Wilson vs Wright

7:30 District 7 – Ohly vs Thein


Monday Oct 24th – State Legislators (District 25)

5:30 House 25A – Quam vs Walbruch

6:30 Senate 25 – Senjem vs Amorosia

7:30 House 25B – Bradley vs Sauke


Wednesday Oct 26th – State Legislators (District 26)

5:30 House 26A – Liebling vs Waggoner

6:30 Senate 26 – Nelson vs Wright

7:30 House 26B – Austinson vs Pierson


Thursday Oct 27th –  City Council

5:00 Ward 6 – Day vs Johnson

6:00 Ward 4 – Bilderbach vs Moucha

7:00 Ward 2 –  Hoss vs. Wojcik

8:00 At Large – Allen vs Staver


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