Local teacher named Educator of the Year


ROCHESTER, Minn. – Mary Pyfferoen, a third grade teacher with Rochester Catholic Schools, has been named the 2016 Educator of the Year by the Minnesota Educational Theatre Association.

Pyfferoen has been directing one-act plays at Lourdes High School for more than two decades. Of those plays, nine of them have been original scripts.

Besides that, she has been running a theatre camp for the Catholic Schools System (K-12) that she and her daughter started five years ago.

“You know you watch little ones starting out in the camps, they get up there and they’re very shy, very quiet but by the end of camp they’re up there singing and dancing and having a great time,” Pyfferoen explains. “That’s what we want to instill, that love for enjoying being in front of other people.”

Mary was nominated by One Act Director John Schreiber of Triton High School.

She says while she is honored to have been nominated and chosen, working with the kids in theatre every day is rewarding in and of itself.

“For some of them, they find the niche where they belong through theatre, they don’t really feel that they fit in anywhere else but theatre gives them that opportunity to find someplace where they can shine, and it builds their confidence.”

Mary will be honored at the Communication and Theatre Association of Minnesota’s annual conference this weekend.


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