At-Large candidate: Scott Peterson


MASON CITY, Iowa – Scott Peterson is giving campaigning a try in hopes of getting the At-Large council seat.

Peterson feels Mason City needs what it’s been promised, the building of an ice arena along with a music pavilion outside.  He says if that happens the younger generation may start making Mason City their home.  Peterson feels he has the leadership that’s needed to be on city council.

“I’ve been in projects, big projects, and little projects at work.  I’ve done things at my church. I was on the board of trustees at my church for three years,” Peterson said.

He was asked developments he’d like to see come to Mason City, what qualifies him, and what issues Mason City faces.

The special election is September 20th.


At-Large candidates include:

Max Weaver

Paul Adams

Jeff Christie

Joshua Masson

Scott Peterson

Jacob Krueger

John Carden

Andy O’Brien

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