E-15 Day in Iowa


KIMT News 3- Iowa is one of the leading manufacturers of of bio-fuels and renewable energy in the nation and on Friday Iowa Governor Terry Branstad took a step to recognize those efforts by designating September 16th as E-15 day.

Most people are familiar with E-10 which means there can be up to 10 percent of ethanol in the fuel. According to fuel experts E-15 is a newer blend that can be up to 15% ethanol. Kelly Hanson, the General Manager of POET Biorefinary in Hanlontown says they are excited to have the Governor recognize the states bio-fuels.

“Iowa has 43 ethanol plants with the ability to produce over 4,000,000,000 gallons a year and as well as there’s a number of bio diesel plants,” says Hanson. “we are an Ag state ethanol is really a natural fit here because of the proximity to corn.”

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton has also designated September 16th as Ethanol Day.

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