Iowa Independent Film Festival in Mason City


MASON CITY, Iowa-  The Iowa Independent Film Festival is being held Friday through Sunday at the Historic Park Inn Hotel in Mason City.

Tanna Frederick is the co-founder for the Iowa Independent Film Festival that brings a red carpet experience to viewers in North Iowa, including a class side of Hollywood.

Frederick said the festival is an opportunity to people in the area to watch film projects and have discussions. Frederick said she wanted to share her love for film and acting in her hometown Mason City.

Actor Richard Benjamin, known for films such as ‘My Favorite Year’ and ‘Catch 22’ is on hand for a rare appearance, alongside his on screen and real life love Paula Prentiss.

“We think that the festival is a beautiful thing to do,” said Benjamin. “And such a lovely surrounding.”

There’s also a first ever opportunity for Iowans at the festival, a chance to experience virtual reality storytelling. The project is known as ‘Defrost’. The series gives the viewer a perspective from inside the movie.

“You actually become the main character,” said Mario Kenyon, Defrost production member. “Where you can look down and you can see her body. You hear what the main character hears. You see what she sees. And you ultimately experience what she experiences.”



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