Landon Tollefson Cancer Benefit


SHEFFIELD, Iowa – Friends and family came out to West Fork High School in Sheffield to show their support for Landon Tollefson.

Landon was diagnosed with leukemia in April and has been receiving treatment since then.

He turned 3 years old on Aug. 24 but was in the hospital, so his family organized a birthday-themed benefit to celebrate.

“Everybody has kept us going and all of the love support has kept us going. Landon’s strong attitude has kept us going, you know if Landon can do it so can we,” says Heather Tollefson, Landon’s mom.

Members of the benefit committee started planning as soon as they found out Landon was sick and have received an outpouring of support from surrounding communities.

“We’ve basically covered Mason City, all of Sheffield, all of Hampton, Belmont, Clear Lake it’s just lots and lots of places were generous and donated to us,” says Dakota Fleshner, benefit committee member.

Some of those items included a signed football from the Green Bay Packers, a jersey from Seth Tuttle and autographed pictures.

John Colombo has a son who attends the same daycare as Landon. Hearing the news of Landon hit close to home for him, so he wanted to give back to show his support.

“We signed up to be a bone marrow donor, hoping that maybe we get a match with that. I think it’s a great thing from what I understand of the process, it’s an inpatient thing you know kind of a same day thing, you’re done in the same day, it doesn’t hurt and they give you a local anesthetic. And honestly, if it will cost one day off from work to do it and it saves somebody’s life, it is well worth it in my opinion,’ says Colombo.

Landon will undergo a bone marrow transplant on Oct. 13.

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