2 trucks stolen from Oronoco Auto Parts


ORONOCO, Minn. – Investigators with the Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office are seeking a two trucks that were reported stolen from Oronoco Auto Parts on Saturday.

Around 8 a.m., it was reported that the two vehicles were stolen and the front gate was damaged. Authorities say it appears that someone drove through a gate from the inside out.

A 2001 white Ford F150 with dealer plates 3660D and a 2002 white Chevy Silverado with Minnesota plates 771UYE are missing.

A shop employee told authorities he thought he saw one of the vehicles parked at a nearby church. Upon investigation through surveillance video, they found that a van stolen from the Rochester area was parked outside the shop when two suspects jumped the fence around 3 a.m. In the video, investigators say on suspect is seen driving a stolen truck through the gate.

About an hour later, the suspects are seeing returning to the van and wandering around the yard before driving away with the second vehicle.

Capt. Scott Behrns says the Chevy has a bad transmission and believes the suspects wouldn’t have gotten far with it. The stolen van was recovered at the church, but authorities are still on the lookout for the trucks.

At this point, there is no estimated value for the trucks or description of the suspects.

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