NIACC house build ceremony


MASON CITY, Iowa – Some local students looking to enter the construction industry after graduation have the chance to get some real-world experience as they build a brand new home in North Iowa, all thanks to a generous gift.

A groundbreaking ceremony was held on the North Iowa Area Community College Campus where a house will be built.

Dean Snyder Construction helped the project along with a $100,000 donation.

The house will be built near the facilities building on the northwest side of campus.

Casey Castaner is a student who says being a part of the project will help prepare her for a future career.

“And this, this course here really does help kind of like allow us to do that. We get into a company knowing how to do certain stuff that maybe other people don’t know right off,” says Castaner.

The 1500 square foot home will be available for purchase after construction is completed.

The new owner will then move the home to its permanent location.

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