WE Day is a way for students to give back


AUSTIN, Minn.- Teachers at Ellis Middle School are helping their students understand the importance of giving back to those less fortunate by participating in WE Day.

On Tuesday, 24 students from Ellis will travel to Saint Paul for an event that celebrates youth who are making a difference.

“It’s definitely exciting to get to help people who really need the help and who don’t have an advantage over the other people because of their situation,” said Jackson Marsh, 8th Grader at Ellis Middle School.

Marsh isn’t the only student eager for WE Day.

“I’m looking forward to going and seeing the different people, seeing the change that they want to make and how many people actually want to be there and change the world,” said Madisyn Rettereth, 8th Grader at Ellis Middle School.

Both Madisyn and Jackson participated in WE Day two years ago. They enjoy seeing middle school students in the state come together to help raise money for different charities.

“It’s very motivating for them,” said Jennifer Gosha, National Junior Honor Society Advisor at Ellis Middle School. “The event itself is fun and lively because you see real people from different places that the organization has helped.”

Student can choose two community service projects. One will focus on the local community and the other looks to make a global impact. Students will then work alongside their schools to raise funds for the projects.

“Perspective and empathy are big pieces they take away from this event,” said Gosha. “Just being able to see something from someone else’s perspective and knowing how lucky they are helps them to support others.”

This is Ellis Middle School’s third year participating. In past years they’ve organized charitable events like a backpack program and a shoe drive.



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