A flu clinic comes to Austin


AUSTIN, Minn.- With the weather getting cooler, flu season is right around the corner for us.

Many people are already getting the flu shot. Medicap in Austin offered flu shots at the Mower County Senior Center Tuesday afternoon. More than 20 people came out to get a flu shot.

Medicap has partnered up over the years with the Senior Center because many elders go in and out of the facility each day. This gives them the opportunity to not forget to get the shot.

“People come down and use the Senior Center for activities and they come down here to eat,” said Chris Meyer, Pharmacist for Medicap. “We always felt like this would be a great place to come down here. It’s an advantage for them. We try to be quick and easy.” Meyer says the flu shot is beneficial at any age, but especially in children and senior citizens.

“It’s not only for those young people that feel like they have a good immune system that can fight off the flu because they can infect others who haven’t gotten the shot,” said Meyer. “You might not get symptoms, but you can still give somebody who doesn’t have a good immune system the virus.”

For every flu shot Medicap gives within the next couple of months, they are donating $1 to the Senior Center.

You can find more information on Medicap on their website.

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