Birds of prey program


MASON CITY, Iowa – Wildlife Care Clinic along with Iowa State University students presented a live birds of prey program at the Lime Creek Nature Center.

They do a lot of wildlife rehab, as well as educating people on different animals.

“Birds of prey are fascinating, but they do need our help. We do need to make sure they have habitat and make sure they have the things they need to survive,” says Todd VonEhwegan, conservation education manager.

Jessica Anderson attended the event with her family and says it was a great opportunity for them to learn something new.

“Just trying to teach the kids about animals and birds and what happens when they are hurt. Just something fun for them to do other than sitting at home,” says Anderson.

Although participants were not able to touch the birds for safety reasons, they did get a chance to see a great horned owl, red-tailed hawk and turkey vulture.

“Also to see these magnificent birds up close is pretty exciting for people, so that’s why we brought them here,” says VonEhwegan.

“When you come out here you’re more hands on, you get to touch them, you get to see them, you’re not just sitting somewhere watching the TV screen,” says Anderson.

The event was sponsored by the Mason City Jaycees and was free to the public.

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