Mason City Special Election results


MASON CITY, Iowa – Paul Adams and Andy O’Brien will face off in December for the Mason City Council At-Large seat.

According to the county auditors office more than 4,300 votes were cast in the special election. The only time they have seen more voters in a special election was in 2003 for a vacant Mason City Mayor position.

The Adams and O’Brien were the top two vote-getters in Tuesday’s special election.  Because no candidate received a 50%+1 majority, a runoff between O’Brien and Adams will be held December 6.

Normally in a special election a runoff would be held 4 weeks after the special election, but because of the national election in November, by law, they have to push it back.

“They want collaboration between all of us, even the candidates,” says O’Brien. They want us to be able to work together and be able to represent the best interest of the people.”

“They just want their voice to be heard in the community,” says Adams. “They want someone to represent the community as a whole and I think we’re doing that. We’re going out to of the all neighborhoods in the city. We covered every inch of the city the first time and we’re going to do it again.”


Andy O’Brien 32.7%

Paul Adams 30.6%


Max Weaver 28%

Joshua Masson 3.2%

Jacob Krueger 2.2%

Scott Peterson 1.5%

John Carden 1.3%

Jeff Christie .4%






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