‘Gather’ is bringing people together


ALBERT LEA, Minn. – Technology is advancing every day. Nowadays people turn to the internet for online dating and finding jobs, but residents in southern Minnesota are turning to a Facebook group to meet friends. It’s called “Gather” and is set up for community members to meet people outside of work.

“This is a way to kind of gain a circle of friends for certain things you want to be involved in,” said Holly Karsjens of Albert Lea.

Karsjens and Sarah Hensley got the idea for “Gather” a few weeks ago. The idea sparked when they realized how hard it is to make friends outside of work.

“For someone who doesn’t have children, it’s kind of difficult to find activities and events in town,” said Karsjens. “Even though we know these things are going on, but just to find the outlet and the person to talk to when things are happening and where they’re happening is difficult.”

“Gather” is a way for those in Freeborn County to learn about the events happening around town.

“I see all the positive things that Albert Lea has to offer and I want other people who maybe haven’t lived here for a long time to have that sense of community,” said Sarah Hensley of Albert Lea.

The group is also planning their own events, anything from sporting events to art gatherings to even food events. It’s a way for people who have similar interests to come together.

“I have a lot of community involvement and as a business owner I do meet a lot of people, but sometimes I find it challenging to then want to be socially active and insert myself into a social situation,” said Hensley.

There are over 100 members to the group now, but the events they post aren’t limited to just those members, and anyone can attend. You can find the group here.

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