Paving Lullaby Lane


MASON CITY, Iowa –  Last April the plans to build Lullaby Lane started.

It’s a new addition to a local cemetery where children are buried who never made it past 20 weeks.  Volunteers took time out of their day Wednesday to lay pavers down to help finish Lullaby Lane at Saint Joseph-Elmwood Cemetery.

Their job is to help get these pavers put in place, but it seems this task is much more than that.

“Coming as a parent I can’t imagine the loss that they’re going through so just to be able to have this place they can come to remember those children they’ve lost is definitely something that means a lot to me,” Volunteer Sara Gienau with Leadership North Iowa said.

Gienau is one of few volunteering her time.  She’s starting to realize this paved path represents a journey that’s hard to imagine going through.

“It happens more frequently than people realize and so a lot of times in this situation it seems it might get brushed under the rug so really to have this awareness and opportunity to come here and celebrate those children is going to be really meaningful,” Gienau said.

“We were pretty excited about this group taking on this project.  We’ve had it on our wish list or goals for quite some time and just didn’t have the means to do it,” Randy Opheim, manager of Saint Joseph-Elmwood Cemetery said.

As Opheim lends a helping hand, he realizes more and more what this spot will mean to many in the community.

“We’re trying to honor those lives even though they’re very short and respect and honor is what we want people to take away,” Opheim said.

“Help them mourn, help them realize it’s not something we’ve forgotten and it is very important,” Gienau said.

The lane is expected to be done by the end of this week.

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